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Race Against the Clock! (or just try to finish)

Looking to push yourself with a next-level challenge? Take a shot at the DIRTY 130 and see how you stack up against other riders who've attempted this ridiculous route. Check out the details below for the Individual Time Trial and use the registration form to sign up for your turn to take it on. The top finishers will earn the right to compete in a special invitational race in 2021 with the champion's belt buckle on the line!


"The Dirty 130 is one of the greatest gravel loops in the southeast. It has some of the best climbs with awesome views and remote riding that keeps you looking up the whole time... I would say that this course is something that you must try at least once. It is the perfect gravel course." - Brad Cobb, 2020 Finisher



The Dirty 130 is an individual time trial (a timed solo ride) on a beast of a route covering 130 miles of forest roads, singletrack and trashy asphalt through the beautiful mountains of Southeast Tennessee and Southwest North Carolina (80% unpaved/20% paved). With over 14,000 feet of climbing, the Dirty 130 is one of the hardest one-day races in the country! (And be warned - you will get dirty!)

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As an individual time trial, you're free to ride whenever you want. Just make sure you've registered with us prior to the ride so that we can track you on our ITT Leaderboard and reward you for your effort!



Riding the route is free anytime, but if you want to use the parking area and get on the official ITT Leaderboard, you will need to register for $50. Everyone who registers will also receive the most up-to-date route map, a Dirty 130 t-shirt, and a Dirty 130 patch - assuming you finish! Registering for the time trial also gives you a shot at being invited to the annual race for the top 50 finishers where we'll award the champion's belt buckle, (All proceeds from the time trial go directly to the promotion and expansion of bikepacking nd cycling adventure in the region.)




The route starts and finishes on private property, and the parking fee is included in your registration. We will provide you with the exact location after you register. The parking is day-use only at this time. No overnight parking.



Camping at the ride start is currently NOT ALLOWED, but should be available soon!



There are two ways to have your ITT verified for placement on the ITT Leaderboard. You can submit a Strava file to us after the ride or you can set up tracking with Trackleaders.com which will allow your friends and family to watch your progress "live" during your ride. Please contact Trackleaders at least a week prior to your intended ride date. (Allow more time if you need to rent a "Spot" tracking device from them.)



The Dirty 130 is a self-supported individual time trial. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the route prior to attempting the ride and that you prepare a nutrition & hydration plan. Please note that the majority of roads on the route (especially in the national forest) do not have signs. We will provide you with the most up-to-date route map after you register for your use during the ride.



Everyone who registers and completes the time trial will be placed on the official ITT Leaderboard showing completion times. The top 50 on the Leaderboard as of midnight December 31, 2020, will qualify for a special invitational race with the coveted Dirty 130 Champion's Belt Buckle on the line! Details and dates for the invitational TBD. (The current Leaderboard includes times from previous years, but starting January 1st the Leaderboard will be reset and only show 2021 times.)



To a get a sense of what it's like to take on the Dirty 130, check out our Ride Reports page!



Stay up to date on who's attempting the ITT, course conditions, and other Dirty 130 news by liking our Facebook page!



If you're not interested in racing the course, the Dirty 130 also makes for a beautiful bikepackiing adventure! Click here for more info on bikepacking the Dirty 130!

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Current Standings

  1. John Wiygul 6/13/20: 9h-05m (fastest known geared time)
  2. Spencer Whittier 10/03/20: 9h-25m
  3. Martin Musil 10/31/20: 9h-38m
  4. Brad Cobb 6/13/20: 9h-44m
  5. Jon Livengood 9/25/18: 9h-59m
  6. Scott Rusinko 9/25/18: 11h-22m
  7. Carey Lowery 9/25/18: 11h-30m (fastest known women’s time)
  8. Tim Crago 10/03/20: 11h-34m
  9. Zak Broussard 6/27/20: 11h-42m
  10. Chad Hungerford 9/23/17: 11h-44m
  11. Steve Curran 10/03/20: 11h-58m
  12. Chris Joice 9/23/17: 12h-06m
  13. John Shwab 9/25/18: 12-10m
  14. Nick Hamilton 9/25/18: 12h-27m
  15. Scott Smith 9/25/18: 12h-29m
  16. Collin Wood 9/25/18: 12h-29m
  17. Jeramie Hoff 10/03/20: 12h-34m
  18. Kenny Kocarek 7/25/20: 12h-52m
  19. Victoria Kelley 6/27/20: 12h-53m
  20. Rusty Dosh 9/23/17: 13h-02m
  21. Jeremy Zetans 9/23/17: 13h-04m
  22. Lee Neal 9/23/17: 13h-29m (singlespeed)
  23. Daniel Jesse 7/18/20: 13h-35m
  24. Zack Gaston 9/23/17: 13h-53m
  25. Mark Baldwin 10/14/17: 14h-14m
  26. Eric Henderson 10/17/19: 14h-20m
  27. Ray Brown 5/08/19: 14h-37m
  28. Brad Beadles 9/25/18: 14h-51m
  29. Kevin Greten 10/14/17: 14h-56m
  30. Lee Neal 9/25/18: 15h-10m
  31. Jason Vance 9/25/18: 15h-18m
  32. Graham Skardon 9/25/18: 15h-18m
  33. Sean Mankiw 9/23/17: 15h-29m
  34. Jason Shearer 6/20/20: 15h-31m
  35. Daryl Myers 8/07/18: 16h-08m (singlespeed)
  36. Amy White 9/14/19: 16h-11m
  37. Todd Nix 9/23/17: 16h-19m
  38. Keith Lucas 9/23/17: 16h-19m
  39. Chris Davis 4/28/18: 16h-21m
  40. Shawn Ledford 9/25/18: 16h-53m
  41. Joseph Kruger 3/07/20: 17h-10m
  42. Justin Shealey 9/25/18: 17h-21m
  43. Glen Slater 9/25/18: 17h-21m
  44. Audrey Tangye 6/20/20: 18h-35m
  45. Joshua Waldrop 6/20/20: 18h-35m
  46. Amie Jones 7/25/20: 18h-37m
  47. Corianne Kocarek 7/25/20: 18h-37m
  48. Chase Blanton 7/11/20: 19h-23m
  49. Ed McCalley 9/23/17: 20h-01m
  50. Michael Rasch 10/19/19: 20h-20m
  51. Chad Ponvelle 10/19/19: 20h-20m
  52. Christopher Manis 10/19/19: 20h-20m
  53. Larry Bennett 7/07/18: 21h-15m
  54. Joe Smith 7/11/20: 21h-18m
  55. Linda Sledge 9/23/17: 23h-03m
  56. Kevin Tumlin 9/23/17: 23h-03m

Additional times from riders already on the Leaderboard:

  • Brad Cobb 10/03/20: 9h-47m (fastest known singlespeed time)
  • John Wiygul 10/03/20: 9h-48m *opposite direction
  • Jon Livengood 9/23/17: 10h-29m
  • Jon Livengood 8/07/17: 11h-08m
  • Chris Joice 9/25/18: 12-20m (singlespeed)
  • Carey Lowery 6/29/17: 12h-54m
  • Zak Broussard 7/31/17: 13h-02m (singlespeed)
  • Scott Rusinko 9/23/17: 13h-44m
  • Jason Vance 12/23/19: 15h-26m (singlespeed)
  • Jason Vance 1/20/20: 17h-22m (singlespeed) *opposite direction
  • Jason Vance 10/19/19: 18h-10m (singlespeed)
  • Graham Skardon 10/19/19: 18h-10m (singlespeed)
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Individual Time Trials are all about self-sufficiency and a level playing field. To be eligible for a recorded time and placement on the Leaderboard, you must abide by the following rules:

1. You must take a picture of your bike computer right before you start and right after you finish. The pictures need to show the time of day and the mileage.

2. You must take a selfie from Buck Bald to verify that you made the climb.

3. Do not use the railroad bridge to cross the creek! Crossing on the railroad bridge will result in automatic disqualification. If you are concerned that it may not be safe to cross the creek, contact us for a bypass option.

4. The route must be ridden in one unbroken stage.

5. No drafting at any time.

6. No stashed caches along the route.

7. No sharing supplies between riders.

8. No outside assistance with navigation.

9. No motorized transport or hitch-hiking. You must complete the route under your own power.

10. You are allowed to leave the official route at any time as long as you return to the route within 100 feet of the point that you left the route.

11. No support crews. You can only receive support from local businesses on-site during their normal business hours.

12. You must have a contingency plan in place before you start the ride in case of emergency or if you need to quit. You are responsible for your own safety and well-being out there.

TRAIL MAGIC: Trail Magic is an unexpected occurrence that lifts a rider's spirits and inspires awe and gratitude. During an ITT, obtaining an item from another person can only be unsolicited and accidental, otherwise, the receipt of assistance or supplies by individuals when it's not available to all riders reflects a lack of self sufficiency which renders an effort not self-supported. In short, you can't ask for Trail Magic. You can only pray for it!