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The "Death March" is a classic deep woods loop that has long been the testing ground for up & coming racers and seasoned pros alike. With the Death March Revival, we've added more challenge to the original loop and set it up as an individual time trial that you can attempt at any time. Check out the details below and use the registration form to sign up for your turn to take it on!




The Death March Revival is an individual time trial (a timed solo ride) covering 88 miles and over 12,000 feet of climbing! Sign up below, ride the loop, and add your name to the official leaderboard. The top 50 finishers will be invited to a special race in 2021 on a course that won't be revealed until the morning of the race!

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As an individual time trial, you're free to ride whenever you want. Just make sure you've registered with us prior to the ride so that we can track you on our ITT Leaderboard and reward you for your effort!



Riding the route is free anytime, but if you want to get on the official ITT Leaderboard, you will need to register for $40. Everyone who registers will also receive the most up-to-date route map, a Death March Revival t-shirt, and DMR patch - assuming you finish! Registering for the time trial also gives you a shot at being invited to a special race in 2021 where we'll pit the top 50 DMR finishers against each other on a course that won't be revealed until the morning of the race! (All proceeds from the time trial go directly to the promotion and expansion of bikepacking in the region.)



The route starts and finishes at Mulberry Gap Adventure Base Camp where you can find bike supplies before you leave and homemade meals and craft beer when you finish! Day parking at Mulberry Gap is $5. Check out everything Mulberry Gap has to offer at MulberryGap.com.



Mulberry Gap also has a wide variety of awesome lodging options, from primitive camping to luxury cabins and everything in between. Make a weekend of it at Mulberry Gap! Click here to book your lodging!



There are two ways to have your ITT verified for placement on the ITT Leaderboard. You can submit a Strava file to us after the ride or you can set up tracking with Trackleaders.com which will allow your friends and family to watch your progress "live" during your ride. Please contact Trackleaders at least a week prior to your intended ride date. (Allow more time if you need to rent a "Spot" tracking device from them.)



The Death March Revival is a self-supported individual time trial. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the route prior to attempting the ride and that you prepare a nutrition & hydration plan. Please note that there is almost no signage on the route. We will provide you with the most up-to-date route map after you register for your use during the ride.



Everyone who registers and completes the time trial will be placed on the official ITT Leaderboard showing completion times. The top 50 on the Leaderboard as of midnight June 30, 2021, will qualify for a special invitational race in 2021 where we'll pit the top 50 DMR finishers against each other on a course that won't be revealed until the morning of the race!



Stay up to date on who's attempting the ITT, course conditions, and other Death March Revival news by liking our Facebook page!

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Current Standings

  • In keeping with DMR tradition, we will be awarding finishers with either a sunset or lunar patch. To earn the coveted sunset patch, you must finish under 10 hours!
  1. Amy White 8/22/20: 11h-28m


Individual Time Trials are all about self-sufficiency and a level playing field. To be eligible for a recorded time and placement on the Leaderboard, you must abide by the following rules:

1. You must take a picture of your bike computer right before you start and right after you finish. The pictures need to show the time of day and the mileage.

2. The route must be ridden in one unbroken stage.

3. No drafting at any time.

4. No stashed caches along the route.

5. No sharing supplies between riders.

6. No outside assistance with navigation.

7. No motorized transport or hitch-hiking. You must complete the route under your own power.

8. You are allowed to leave the official route at any time as long as you return to the route within 100 feet of the point that you left the route.

9. No support crews. You can only receive support from local businesses on-site during their normal business hours.

10. You must have a contingency plan in place before you start the ride in case of emergency or if you need to quit. You are responsible for your own safety and well-being out there.

TRAIL MAGIC: Trail Magic is an unexpected occurrence that lifts a rider's spirits and inspires awe and gratitude. During an ITT, obtaining an item from another person can only be unsolicited and accidental, otherwise, the receipt of assistance or supplies by individuals when it's not available to all riders reflects a lack of self sufficiency which renders an effort not self-supported. In short, you can't ask for Trail Magic. You can only pray for it!